The Quartet


Razzmatazz is a popular MAD show (and contest) quartet which has performed on over 325 chapter shows, over 60 contests and countless public and private gatherings in the 28 years it has been singing together.  Not blessed with the best of voices, we chose to concentrate on making people laugh by performing entertaining show and contest packages.  Our reward is return show engagements at more than 50 chapters, including a chorus where we've appeared 5 times! But don't hold that against them; they are really nice people!!!


Razzmatazz got together in November of 1988, and after a brief recess in 2012, is still going strong. OK, perhaps a bit overstated. At this point we’re pretty much 4 old - to really old - guys that still enjoy singing and acting significantly younger than our chronological ages.

Did I mention that there isn't this much ham at the Hatfield plant?



In August 1997 the quartet was fortunate enough to win the Funny Bone Comedy Quartet Contest at the Buckeye Invitational. If this bunch of knuckleheads was ever going to win a competition, this had to be the one. It figures that by putting the big guy in a dress (two dresses to be completely accurate), and blasting the lead and the audience with a Super Soaker, the crowd would love it! (We’ll do anything for a laugh). This experience remains as one of the highlights of our career, and further spread their unique brand of entertainment. To date we have headlined chapter shows in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

      Photo from the Buckeye (1997)

      Photo from the Buckeye (1997)

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Our goal is to infuse each performance with spontaneous energy, while including elements that are pleasing to the barbershop purist, as well as the comedy-loving portion of our audience. It's an approach that is as unique as the personalities of our members; a Type A, an A-, a B, and a whacko. We won't tell you which one of us fits with each label, but there will be a brief quiz at the end of every show! The winner is eligible for some memorable prizes of dubious monetary value.