The Guys



Our tenor is perhaps the luckiest guy on the face of the planet. While things in his life aren't quite perfect, they are pretty stinking good!

Bill is delighted to be sharing life with his very special lady Carol (after all, she basically tolerates him), two grown daughters - Katie and Becky - and his first grandchild Ben!

He's working as a special project manager for a financial company, which represents somewhat of a return to his early career in the world of human/computer integration for a banking institution.

A stylish dresser and bon vivant, Bill remains a connoisseur and visionary regarding men’s fashion. He has a particular affinity for Hawaiian and tie dye shirts.



Rick Ashby, our lead singer, continues to serve as the quartet’s resident Type A+ personality in spite of his really advanced age. He’s been quarteting since 1972, and served on the Barbershop Harmony Society International Board, Mid Atlantic District Board, and is a member of the Mid Atlantic District Hall of Fame and DELASUSQUEHUDMAC the District’s Honor Society..

Sadly, Rick lost his lovely life partner Claire to a sudden and unexpected heart attack in November of 2015. With her passing, the quartet lost our arbiter of gracious living, whom we affectionately called “coach” since she always blew her whistle when it was time to pull us back from the precipice overlooking The Valley of Ill-Conceived Actions. Rick’s three children are, unlike their Dad, real creative artists; the two boys Doug and Brian – play guitar and sing in pretty darn good bands, and his daughter Beth is a professional photographer.

He’s also the proud grandfather of one beautiful and quickly growing girl. His bucket list is being attacked and conquered with his typical passion and zeal. He enjoys reading and traveling, but his favorite non-singing hobby continues to be golf. He continues to be heavily involved with his church and volunteers his time and energy to many community activities.


Ed Ludwig is the quartet’s baritone. We humor Ed and tolerate his many personal quirks because he still has that really swell van and drives us wherever we need to go. He continues to revel in making unnecessary laps around parking lots, with the ultimate good time involving road trips through previously unexplored areas of the western hemisphere.

He and his wife Shirley have two great kids - Matt and Mindi - and four grandchildren. Lots of babysitting opportunities keep the couple quite busy and entertained.

Ed is retired from CNH, but insists on retaining a part-time job, and it's the perfect fit: driving aimlessly around Lancaster County delivering auto parts! His propensity to utter spontaneous inexplicable mutterings routinely elevates the group's level of knowledge, and Ed’s ambition in life is to stay awake through a 3-day John Wayne movie marathon while eating several containers of vanilla ice cream.



Don McElroy is our bass and the youngest member of the quartet. He is our only classically trained musician, which explains why his solos are often mistaken for the dulcet tones of Celine Dionne. Don serves as a customer service representative for a commercial printing company.

Carol, Tyler, and Max (Don’s wife, teenage son and gihugeous dog respectively) are convinced that Bill is some sort of fantasy game creature - a yak according to Tyler - and nobody is inclined to argue with him. Don knows literally hundreds of jokes, three of which are both clean and  funny. Most are neither.

An accomplished racquetball player, Don successfully participates in Mid-Atlantic tournaments. Don’s taste in music is quite eclectic, with personal favorites including Eva Cassidy, Jimmy Buffet, Spike Jones and Joe Connelly.